Pakistan’s water crisis grows more threatening

Pakistan's water crisis becomes more and more threatening

Queuing for some water is normal in Pakistan. Photo: Gilbert Kolonko

Even Pakistan’s feel-good island of Islamabad has been hit by the water crisis

Currently, only 50 percent of the capital’s water needs can be met, the director of water distribution for Islamabad, Nasir Jamil Butt, announced last week – and the hot season has only just begun. If it does not rain in the short term – and that is not to be expected – the country’s two major dams will be empty in June.


Islam critical writer hamed abdel-samad missing in cairo

Update: According to the ARD, the publicist should meanwhile "re-released" have been

Since Sunday afternoon, every trace was missing from the German-Egyptian writer Hamed Abdel-Samad. As part of his brother is reported, Abdel-Samad stopped "not from political reasons" in Cairo, but because of a civil law process. On the way to an appointment, Abdel-Samad Fuffled; He phoned his brother and allegedly also with a bodywork. Until Tuesday evening there was no sign of life from the man who made a name with critical exercises on Islam in Egypt a name. Radical preachers had given public in summer that he deserves death.

Update: According to the information of the day show of tonight, which relies on the brother Hamed Abdel-Samad, this should be drunk on Sunday of masked in a minibus and has been released now. Currently he is "Under Investigation".


The internet os-counter

Hans Zobelein interviewed

A Lebanese cyber-terrorist from Munich. Hans Zobelein and his IOS – Internet Operating System Counter (newest data and analysis).

Looking at your numbers, one immediately becomes aware of the fact that the most common Top-Level-Domains – TLDs are missing completely (no com, org, net, gov, mil). Linux-fans might consider your results a kind of half-way-victory, while the accuracy of IOS still seems questionable?

Hans Zobelein: I do not want to complicate things too much, so I started IOS using the RIPE host count. In this database all European and most of the other regional domains are included, but all of the big names like .com and .us are missing. Of course I want IOS to be as complete as possible. As – until today – I did not hear of any freely available listing of the missing hosts, I decided to go out hunting for hostnames myself. I took the relatively small .edu-domain as a starter, with the rest to come when I have figured out how to do it efficiently. The IOS is a curiosity-project and not something I intend to make a living of. As IOS covers nearly all of the regional domains (except for .il), you could easily query the spread of OSes by continent. I would like to know which OS is most commonly used in the so-called ‘Third World’ e.g. in Afrika.

Hans Zobelein: This is possible of course. Following this idea, I have just put some charts on the web, telling you where certain OSes have their highest market-shares. I also consider doing some nice graphics like a colored map of the world. Relevance is certainly a matter here: if I query a domain with – say – 5 hosts and 2 of these run IRIX because the sysops are friends, it is a 40% share for this OS. You are not the only one to count computers on the Internet. How do you rate your commercial competitors? Where do you see the principal obstacles for being accurate when it comes to the total number of hosts (you need that if you want to seriously speak of market-shares)? How do you maximize the accuracy of the IOS-results?

Hans Zobelein: I can not tell you very much about the commercial counters, simply because I did not buy any of their statistics. Everyone has to use water when it comes to cooking. But I could imagine that the objectivity of a survey does not exactly suffer if it does not need to find buyers. The other big free server-statistics is done by netcraft. They are counting the Web-server-software. What we did is to compare the results of our investigations by trying to figure out which servers run on which OSes. Of course this is not easy, for a lot of Webservers are not dependent on the platform they are running on. But what you can see for sure is whether your numbers are complete nonsense or not. In my opinion the results do match sufficiently. There are other OS-sniffers like nmap. Nmap seems to be a very accurate solution. The downside is that nmap is much slower and it consumes a lot of bandwidth. Especially the last feature matters to me very much because I query 30 hosts at any given time during my IOS-runs, which would mean to spam my own Internet-connection using that program. We did a comparison between queso and nmap and found that the results were not too different. Your January-survey covers the .edu-TLD for the first time, so these results are not directly comparable to earlier IOS-runs’. Why do you still count the shift in market-shares between September and January?

Hans Zobelein: You are right in a sense, but you have to see that .edu is only 2.4% of the total number of hosts, which does not change the numbers so much. Take the Apple-count for instance: 1.672% without .edu instead of 1.776% – not a world away. Therefore the usefulness of quantisizing differences in market-share compared to three months ago outweighs the little fault in accuracy. Which are the queries to the IOS-database you want to do in the future? Who else are using your numbers and for which purposes? Do you want to commercialize IOS in the future, i.e. when the methodologic flaws are fixed?

Hans Zobelein: I want to include the .com, .us, .gov and .mil-domains (I might be a bit more careful with .mil after my experiences with .il). With my 486DX100 and some shared computing-time on a DualP75, which serves as Mail-, News- and Webserver as its main occupation, I am not exactly a superpower. The IOS-data are freely available under Stallman’s CopyLeft. But I can are you that I was glad to hear one of Silicon Valley’s big guys quote some ‘market-intelligence’-company I do not want to name publicly, that Linux is number one on Webservers. The same ‘market-intelligence’-wizards had numbers out on the Web a few weeks earlier that a completely different OS was leading with more than 50%. Then I ask myself: Where did they get their new insight? One of your worst critics on the ILUG-mailinglist (Israeli Linux User Group) accused you of causing the IOS-clash in October as a kind of marketing-strategy for your counting-effort. This seems quite improbable when you look at the surface only. In the end you were without doubt the winner of the game. The people spreading the alarm have probably lost some of their reputation. But you and the IOS are well-known now, at least when it comes to experts.

Hans Zobelein: All the information I have gathered to date clearly show that the Israeli security-consultants set off a false alarm. When the story surfaced to the Israeli press, the company seems to have tried to utilize the eyeballs for their advertizing-purposes. And it was a very nice story for the Israeli press: A server named ‘’ (.leb as in Lebanon) ‘attacks’ hundreds of Israeli hosts for three weeks. This bullet hit the shooter when after a while the people wanted to see the log-files of the ‘attack’ that simply never existed. (Frank Fremerey)


Number of “right-wing extremists with a tendency to violence” should rise

Security experts warn that right-wingers are using social networks – a "Nahrboden for new, powerful organizations" – more capable of action were

As the number of refugees grows, so does the number of people from the extreme right-wing scene who are prepared to use violence, while the number of "violence-oriented right-wing extremists" in anti-refugee and anti-foreigner circles in general is growing "worried burgers" the aggressiveness is high. Not only in demonstrations, but also in the Burgerwehren then come the "worried burgers" closer contact with right-wing extremists, hooligans or NPD supporters.

According to German security agencies not named in detail, the Tagesspiegel reported that the number of "violence-oriented right-wing extremists" in 2015 by more than 1000 persons to 11.500 accumulated. It increases with the "Hate propaganda" the "Aggression level", which can be noticed in all forums, and thus also the number of right-wing crimes. In the first 11 months of 2015, they have grown to 12.560 increased, including 846 acts of violence, 40 percent more than in all of 2014.


Gerhard & erhard

Head and Conscience, Side by Side – German Chancellor Gerhard Schroder Fights with Erhard Eppler Against Neoliberal Hostility to the State and for Social Democratic Identity in Difficult Times

Mind meets power – of which the Greek philosopher Plato spoke 2500 years ago in his "Politeia" only dreamed, happened on Tuesday in Berlin: There Chancellor Schroder spoke on Tuesday morning at a book presentation of the Suhrkamp Verlag. Erhard Eppler, the former SPD leader-"Lateral thinker" and pietistic nerve saga in Helmut Schmidt times has written a book again: "State as a discontinued model?" is the title, the most important part of which is of course the question mark. "No, no" the social democratic soul answers there – but beyond the theatrical thunder, Eppler has quite sensible things to say about the state of the 21st century. century to say.

"The fact that Oskar Lafontaine has thought something does not make it wrong." – when Erhard Eppler made this, for a member of SPD in June 2005 quite rebellious statement, Gerhard Schroder had already left, and so one did not find out whether the chancellor had found this sentence as correct as all other sentences of Eppler before. For 20 minutes beforehand, he had "important contribution" and the "Food for thought" praised Eppler with his new, just published book "State as a discontinued model?" had given.


American and western europe rusts dominate the market

American and Western Europe rusts dominate the market

Thunderbird F-16 Fighting Falcons with a F-35A Lightning II. Image: dod

After the rusts and the weapons selling is the "Russian danger" Not very high, Western European rusts experience a boom

Armed conflicts and tensions that could become such are always also monetary machinery for the rust industry and the countries in which they are settled. Wars are also known to serve as a number of ways to test new weapons systems and prospect possible interested parties. Ultimately, state economic programs may be, which maintain and create workplaces in the militar and, above all, in the rust industry and provide tax revenues.


Non-tradist language: farewell to blacklist and whitelist

Non-Tradist language: Farewell to Blacklist and Whitelist

Not only in the course of the discussions with the BLM protests (Black Lives Matter) about an end racist-motivated discrimination, more and more open-source projects and software vendors are also at a discriminatory language. Under the youngest pebbles of this, the version administration platform Github is found, which for alternatives to the term master for the central code repository of the hosted projects searches, such as Github-CEO Nat Friedman in a response tweet on a proposal from Google Chrome Developer Una Kravets insured.

In addition to the unprecedented term Main There are also default, primary or root for discussion. How GitHub choose numerous other open source projects that use a git-based version management to rename their code repositories. The Storage File System Openzfs has already completed the step, Githubs parent concerue Microsoft wants to implement change for PowerShell, Ansible, the Casing Software Library OpenSSL and the JavaScript Library P5.JS have called comparable tarp. Also on LinkedIn can be found to free up numerous libraries in use from the discriminatory terms.

The initiatives in the Developer Community now move so far circles that a report of ZDNet also git, the central development project of the underlying version management software, an official renaming in consideration.


The ocean on enceladus

The ocean on Enceladus

The icy surface of the Saturnmondes has fascinating geological formations. Image: NASA

The Saturnmond hides under its surface huge water quantities – planetary researcher Carolyn Porco from the Cassini mission all the details

Carolyn Porco is an American planetary scientist. It directs that group of the Cassini mission, which is dealt with the evaluation of image data. The name goes on Porco "The Day The Earth Smiled" Back: In 2013, Cassini made a spectacular recording of Saturn and its ring system during a solar eclipse, with the earth to see in the background. Porco is Tragerin of the Carl Sagan Medal, received numerous awards and became one of the time magazine in 2012 "25 MOST INFLUENTIAL People in Space" explore.


Seventh preview of .net 5.0 relies on performance improvement

Sevente Preview from .NET 5.0 relies on performance improvement

Microsoft has the sevente preview of .Net 5.0 publishes and lists numerous performance improvements to opposite .Net Core 3.1 on. This does not just affect the Just-In-Time Compiler and Garbage Collector (GC), but also many basic classes such as string operations and regular printouts, object quantity, LINQ, asynchronous execution and network protocols.

Brings .Net 5.0 Preview 7 Some new methods and parameters for performance enhancement with. The Garbage Collector offers a data structure with GCMemoryInfo, which provides information about the last GC run.

News new for the OR Mapper

As in the previous previews there are some innovations in Entity Framework Core 5.0. Roughest innovation is the method ChangeTracker.Clear with which the condition of a context lit. For the procurement of context instances, there are the new methods adddbContextFactory and addPooledDBContextFactory .


Cloud development environment dirigible changes javascript engine and editor

Cloud development environment Dirigible changes JavaScript engine and editor

The Eclipse Foundation has version 5.0 from dirigible. The Cloud IDE, whose names are in German for airship or Zeppelin, had wandered by SAP to Eclipse Foundation. It is mainly for the creation of business application and their performance in the current operation under the keyword in-system development. Dirigible combines common programming with low code views.

From Rhinozeros to Graal

The current release exchanges the previous JavaScript engine Mozilla Rhino against the implementation of Graaljs, which focuses on the Graalvm of Oracle. According to the dirigible blog, the exchange was surprisingly supple: the conversion of the API layer to the new engine was possible without significant effort possible.

As a reason for the change, the dirigible team mainly calls that Rhino recently invited the ECMA specifications afterwards, while Graaljs released the ECMAScript standard 2020 shared in mid-June. A pleasant side effect of the new engine is the connection to the Chrome DevTools, which, according to the Dirigible team with Graaljs, was also possible without coarse Muhen, while earlier efforts of integration over Rhino and the V8 debug API were too unstable.